Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zachary's Baptisim

Still catching up from summer time, and finally made it to Zachary's special day.

Zachary is such a sweet special boy. He has a hunger for life and excitement. Zachary turned 8 on July 25, 2009 and was Baptised on September 11, 2009.

Zachary doesn't ever want to miss a thing. He wants to be so involved at times he is a little overwhelming.

Zachary was happy and excited to see all his friends and family come to share his day with him.

Doug spoke on Baptism and gave Zachary great advice.

Zachary took the first step in returning to live with Our Father In Heaven. He was happy to do what the Lord has asked of him.

Adam came and spoke on The Holy Ghost. Adam reminded Zachary and the rest of us funny stories of him growing up and lessons learned.

While looking at Zachary the day of his baptism, I saw him doing great things in his future.

I saw Zachary helping and teaching others the gospel and bringing them into the waters of baptism. And using his friends and family around him as support to always choose the right. And I saw Zachary using his talents to serve the Lord.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alvia Turned 3

Summer is the season for our children's birthdays. We start with Kyler 6-25, then Liv 07-01 and Zachary is the last summer b day around here 07-25. But, for Kyler's birthday we were at a baseball tourney in Wy so he hung out with friends at the motel pool and had dinner with family and friends. No pictures. So on to ALYVIA!!!!
Alyvia is still young enough that her birthday parties are more of a party for Jessica and I. I mean we invite our friends...... and family to.
Zac had a mouth full of cake!!
Getting ready for presents. I must be quite the catch.
Alyvia loves her scooter. They are so easy to please when they're young. Kyler wants expensive things like cell phones and video games.
Look at the pretty little girls. Oliver and Miles too!!

Well, Liv's party was fun and one to Zac's. We had a party for him, but we lost our camera and I think all the pictures from his party were on it. OOPS!!

Remodeling the bathroom..

Since Jessica and I have lived in the house we're in now, we've tried to take one project at a time and fix things up. The basement was one great big project for our family, and every one that helped. And it was the area that needed the most attention, so the upstairs was somewhat neglected. Well, the main bathroom upstairs had some cracked tile around the toilet and had been leaking slowly for a while, enough to cause the floor, and sub floor to begin to rot, and STINK.
When Christina, my brother's Doug's wife got pregnant and Jessica and all the Girls in the family decided to have the baby shower at our house, it seemed like the perfect time to

I thought it would be easy!! So I started with the demolition. Jessica and I tore off the awful wall paper and saw the most ugly wall behind it. I saw the job getting bigger.

We had tile, mortar, grout, GFI outlets, and light switches, all left over from the basement project so doing this job was suppose to be a cheap and easy fix. Reuse the lights, toilet, sink, faucet and mirrors.

Taking the old tile out proved to be about the easiest job.

But when it came to tearing up the old concrete board, then the floor, and then the sub floor that needed replaced. I admit I lost steam and let the bathroom sit for a while. But with the deadline getting close and Doug supporting me and keeping me motivated, he helped out and the work began again. Now, Doug had just had a very intense surgery on his shoulder and wasn't to be lifting and straining himself. But if you know Doug, you know how that turned out.

After the floor were taken out the new flooring went in. Doug stayed with me and gave me the advice on how it should be done. Several times Doug told me to not do things half ass'ed.
Now we were on a roll. Floor in and tile was right behind it. Doug and I pulled a couple late nights. You'll notice that the vanity changed color and the counter top is missing. Jessica and I planned to leave the counter top to save money. But when Doug gets going, it hard to stop him. Doug says to me, that thing is ugly, everything in this bathroom is new but that? Don't do things half ass'ed Jon. We had even planned on keeping the tile racks and had even painted them.
Doug went and bought me matching brushed stainless racks. He told me it was a gift from him. Oh, and Jessica's uncle Pete had left over counter top that he gave us. Doug talked us into buying a new faucet. I'm glad he did.

It turned out great!! And was finished in time.

I set the toilet about 2 hours before the baby shower began. Many thanks to Doug for all his great help. One more project done!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Most of you know we spend alot of time playing baseball during the summer. We travel many places to go watch Kyler play ALL-STAR tournaments. This year we went to Evanstan Wy, Soda Springs, Montpeilar and played in the Blackfoot tourney as well. Jessica and I forgot several times to take the camera to the games so the pictures are limited. We did use the new trailer several times. It was nice to not have to get a motel room and eat out every night.
This is a truck that was found in Soda Springs. Kyler and his teammates took a fun photo by it.
Zachary suited up for the big game. This is Zac's first year in coach pitch. He did very well and loved playing catcher.

We spent alot of time sitting in the heat. Luckily we had or trusty canopy.
Kyler hit the game winning home run in this game. We were two runs down. We had 2 on base, 2 outs and Kylers was up to bat. Kyler was using his brand new bat. He hit the the ball solid, and it went right over the first basemans head. It was moving so fast that when it hit the ground the outfielder couldn't play it and missed. Well, Kyler turned on his wheels and ran, to first, second, thrid and home...... SAFE!!!


Fishing at Flaming Gorge!!

Since I've know Mike I've know his love for family and fishing. What better than to do it together.
Mike called me one day in March, I think. And said, "Hey Jon, What are you doing on the 24 and 25 of June?" I told him I was washing my hair. "I don't know Mike, why?"
Mike told me he was renting a private fishing boat with a guide to catch some great big giant fish, and he wanted to take me. He told me there was room for 4 and Mom, Scott and he were already reserved. Well, you all know that Kyler's Birthday is the 25th of June... What do I do? What do I do?
Count me in Mike, I'll be there..

Well Kyler was in Evanstan Wyoming that weekend on a baseball tournament anyway, so I'll go to Flaming Gorge and on the way back we planned to drop me off in Evanstan for the games.

Back to fishing. We drove down to Maila Ut and found where we were to meet at the lake the next morning. There were antelope everywhere.
We stayed the night in a little cabin like room. Scott and I shared the hide-a-bed. Scott tried snuggling me several times. As well as the snuggling, Scott kicked, snored, tossed and turned, and farted all night long. Needless to say I was ready to go fishing in the morning.

We got on the boat before the sun came up and were off and running. The weather was nice only a light jacket was needed. When the guide got us set up, and the down riggors in the water we decided that Mike and Mom would get the first fish of the day. Well, Mom and Mike were enjoying sitting in the cabin at the table talking and when the first fish hit the line. The guide went crazy yelling for someone to get it. Scott and I waiting for Mom to get up and grab the pole just about got screamed to death. I was close enough to grab the pole and reel in the first fish of the day but stepped aside and let Scott do it. Guess what? Scott caught the BIGGEST fish of the day. His only one, but still the biggest!!!

Mom caught the next fish for the 2nd largest fish of the day. A beautiful fish!! And watching Mom fight it was pretty stinkin funny.

I caught a smaller Rainbow then Mike pulled in the 3rd largest fish of the day!

My fish was so pretty. I caught three that day. Two looked just like this one and the other was a little smaller. Mike looks disappointed at me.... Sorry I only catch small fish Mike... Just Kidding...

We found out that I caught my smallest fish by the tail, and the one I'm holding I caught by the eye. So I'm not so much and great fisherman, but the fish were extremely unlucky that day.

Well it turned out Scott didn't sleep very well either the night before, cause he crashed out of the guides bed for about 2 hours. What a wimp!!!

I never knew Flaming Gorge had Swedish fish!!
I am good at catching those...

Memorial Day Camp Trip!!

Well, I was gonna do one big post to catch every one up, but when I started remembering all the fun times we had. I couldn't leave anything out...

We went camping and hiking at Saw Mill Canyon with the LEE"S. We had not been camping in a couple year. Probably since before Alyvia was born. So it was a real fun time. The Lee's cheated and brought their camp trailer. We tented it and froze to death, almost.

We ate, sat around, joked and just a had a good time!!

Jessica even told scary stories. (she really gets into it)

The men all went on an awesome hike.

We stopped by a mountain stream for a refreshing drink of water.

The plan was to hike up the a remote mountain lake and do some fishing.. We didn't expect snow though..

Zachary and I stayed behind and talked a rock into taking a picture of us.

Brian and I stopping for a photo op! We really just wanted a picture so people would believe we what we were hiking. At times it was very steep.

Kyler and I hiked ahead of the group to find the lost lake. Brian kept telling us, I'm sure it rights over that next hill... NOPE!!! Its gotta be the next one then.... NOPE!!. Kyler and I decided to climb the last section, and if the lake wasn't there, we would turn and go back. Guess what? There it was!!!

Although the lake was almost completely frozen over, Brain and the boys attempting fishing it. They didn't catch anything but Jack Jack fell through the ice and we almost lost him.. Over all, it was a great weekend getaway.


And when the hike was over, and the Lee's had a nice hot shower in their warm heated trailer. Not fair!! But Jessica and I knew that this weekend could happen over and over again, to keep our little family doing fun things together and build memories like we had when we were younger. So,

We bought a trailer too!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey everybody? I took the summer off from this blog thing, but have had a couple people get, well? a little angry that I stopped. So..... Here is my pledge. I pledge to keep the blog going, to add fun pictures of my family and the stuff we do. I will create a general summer over all post to catch everyone up. But I just don't feel like it now......... Sorry

Stay tuned ............